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Purest tasting salt from the earth and sea


Sourced from deep within the pristine mountains of the Himalayas, Beyond Himalayan combines natural Himalayan pink salt and mineral salt into a single crystal.  With 30% less sodium and more potassium, this pink salt delivers more minerals and a purer taste than standard common salt.


Beyond Sea Salt is a simple approach to creating great tasting sea salt with improved nutrition.  Sea salt and potassium salt are combined to deliver a healthier balance of salts and minerals for today's active and health- conscious consumers.


Known for its coarse grain and primarily used in restaurant and home cooking, Kosher salt is preferred by chefs around the world. With naturally occurring minerals, less sodium and more potassium than regular kosher salt, Beyond Kosher Salt adds maximum flavor, is the healthier alternative salt and is produced and handled by the highest standards of Kosher certification. 


Beyond Salt is now available in shaker bottles.


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5 pound pouch of Beyond Himalayan

Fine Grain Pink Salt

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Ingredients:  Mineral Salt (Pink Himalayan Salt and Potassium Salt)


Love the lower sodium in a great tasting mineral salt.

We use a lot of salt in this household but Himalayan salt is a new addition and let me tell you - this stuff is phenomenal!

Very good taste, great packaging. 


Beyond Salt was created for people who care about good health and good food.  


Beyond Salt has less sodium and more potassium to maintain the great taste of salt while making your food healthier.


With a proper balance of sodium and potassium, you can maintain optimal fluid balance, improve bone and muscle growth, and lower high blood pressure to prevent heart disease and strokes.

Good Health

With Beyond Salt, we remove some of the salt and replace it with potassium salt to help balance the negative impacts of too much sodium with the positive benefits of increased potassium.  A diet with more potassium and less sodium can improve overall cardiovascular health by relaxing blood vessels which lowers blood pressure.

Benefits of Potassium Salt

Typical diets are high in sodium and low in potassium.  Sodium and potassium are interconnected but have the opposite effects; high sodium increases blood pressure, and high potassium decreases blood pressure. 

So how do we lower sodium and raise potassium? 
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The easiest way to get enough potassium every day is to swap your salt.  Beyond Salt can be used just like regular salt to sprinkle on our food or to cook with, but each has less sodium and more potassium than regular Himalayan salt, sea salt and Kosher salt. With more awareness around healthy, clean label food choices, choose the salt with the added health benefit of potassium.

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