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Beyond Himalayan combines natural Himalayan pink salt and mineral salt into a single crystal.  With 30% less sodium and more potassium, this pink salt delivers more minerals and a purer taste than standard common salt.


Beyond Sea Salt is a simple approach to creating great tasting sea salt with improved nutrition.  Sea salt and potassium salt are combined to deliver a healthier balance of salts and minerals for today's active and health conscience consumers.


Known for its coarse grain and primarily used in restaurant and home cooking, Kosher salt is preferred by chefs around the world. With naturally occurring minerals, less sodium and more potassium than regular kosher salt, Beyond Kosher Salt adds maximum flavor, is the healthier alternative salt and is produced and handled by the highest standards of Kosher certification. 


Beyond Salt is now available in shaker bottles.


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5 pound pouch of Beyond Himalayan

Fine Grain Pink Salt

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Love the lower sodium in a great tasting mineral salt.

We use a lot of salt in this household but Himalayan salt is a new addition and let me tell you - this stuff is phenomenal!

Very good taste, great packaging. 

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